PROACTIVE24 is more than just a gym; it’s a community. Within its village are a range of health professionals that service more than just fitness, but also a holistic sense of wellbeing that caters to every facet of our community’s lives. PROACTIVE24 is incredibly proud of the calibre of its tenants who all call the fitness centre home. From keeping pearly whites even whiter, to energy work to massage, every tenant at Proactive 24 helps our clients to lead their best lives – proving the gym as a one stop health and wellness shop for the wider Wanaka community. Here, we delve a little into the people behind the brands that operate from the Proactive 24 space.

Katherine Geremia is the face behind the The Bright Smile Co and Maven Brow Bar. Referring to herself as a ‘Canawi’ (Canadian/Kiwi) Katherine has been coming to Wanaka her whole life to visit family, as her mother was born and raised locally. She has now lived here permanently for more than four years and loves the lifestyle that the town offers.

“I’m a practicing Dental Hygienist in the Central Otago area and have always had a passion for working with my patients to maintain healthy oral hygiene. This was the driving force behind starting my own professional teeth whitening company,” Katherine explains. “There are a lot of teeth whitening options out there and it is so important to protect yourself by going to a trained dental professional. I take a lot of pride in offering over 14 years’ experience in the dental field to help my clients love their bright smile again! I offer professional teeth whitening treatment, the same you would have in a dental office, but without the dental office price tag.”

But why stop at just the smile? Katherine also works her magic with a brow, lash and nails service. “I have a love for fashion, make-up and a keen eye for the finer details and that has led me to complete extensive national and international training for beauty therapy services that I’m interested in and passionate about,” she says. “I’ve been providing these services for over four years and just love making my clients feel good about themselves! I feel as though all of my clients are family, and I love meeting new people on a daily basis.”

Massage therapist, Megan Burke is a country girl born and raised on a farm at Lee Stream near Dunedin. Living between Canada, Queenstown, Ranfurly and Dunedin in recent years, Megan and her husband settled in Wanaka in January this year. “We’re here because we’re mountain and lake people, not coastal people!” Megan says. “My husband and our boys are keen outdoor guys who love hunting, fishing and hiking. My daughter and I love the peaceful feeling you get in Central Otago.”

Megan gained her Certificate in Spa Therapies and Stress Management Level 5 in 2014, then a Diploma in Advanced Therapeutic Massage Level 6 in 2015, as well as further qualifications in Dry Needling, Fascial Release, hot stone massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD).

“I’m very drawn to this modality as it is so light and gentle yet very powerful. Many people may associate MLD as a treatment for people who have conditions such as Lymphoedema or other fluid retention issues but I’m trying to change that; I want all to know that anyone and everyone can and should get MLD on a regular basis,” she says. “Why? Because our world is more toxic than ever before, our stress levels are high, the pace of life is crazy and as much as you can try to lead a healthy lifestyle, lymphatic fluid can become stagnant and Manual Lymphatic drainage can help get that fluid moving again. Basically, if your lymphatic system is not flash then the rest of your body won’t be coping as it affects every other system in the body. Benefits from MLD treatment include increased energy, decreased chronic pain and inflammation, reduced symptoms of hay fever and sinus issues, less fluid retention and bloating, deeper and more restful sleep, a boosted immune system, decreased period pain and menopause symptoms. The list goes on!”

Finally, holistic healer, Brittney Barber originally hails from Australia’s Perth. She was first introduced to reiki in Fernie, BC at the beginning of 2019, before moving to Wanaka in June of the same year.

“The spring of 2019 was a particularly hard time for me. I was severely depressed and anxious. I was suffering from grief and a hopelessness I had never experienced before. If it wasn’t for some key Wanaka locals that made sure I felt safe, kept a roof over my head and a compassionate ear and heart, I wouldn’t be here still,” she says. “The summer was a game changer. I began to see how driven the locals of Wanaka are. I call them Earth and Fire alchemists, as the people here manifest their dreams with certainty and grounded stability. Not only that but the support of the community as a whole is spectacular. It was the Wanakians that inspired me to put myself out there as an energy healer and spiritual counsellor. I just want to give back the compassion and support that was shown to me.”

Brittney started her business, Dare to Ignite as her chance to give back. After graduating as a health coach in 2015, Brittney offers reiki healing and spiritual guidance sessions. “Dare to Ignite is about discovering your magic and then developing your authentic magic to help you live a fuller and more fun filled, loving life,” she says. “For many years, I always wanted a space to feel safe, to heal, to learn, to be creative, but at the time I couldn’t afford it. I’m now offering a ‘pay what you want’ cost structure for both my services and room hire going into Level 2 Restrictions. I just want people to experience and create an energy that the space deserves; a place for the community of near and far alike to find a home away from home when they need time to reflect, grow or create, without being too pricey or restrictive. Being open 24/7 and the flexibility is a wonderful perk, especially for those who need a space to relax and feel safe to express themselves at 2am if they need it.”

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