No longer the exclusive domain of the rich and famous, Personal Trainers are now being used by people from all walks of life who want to get the most out of their exercise. PROACTIVE24 Personal Trainers are personal fitness experts. Weight loss, strength gain, athletic performance, stress relief – whatever your fitness goal we have PROACTIVE24 Personal Trainers who will guide and motivate you to help you stay on track.

Using the latest in exercise science theory and practical research, your PROACTIVE24 Personal Trainer will target your workouts and provide you with the encouragement to work that little bit harder towards your goals.

PROACTIVE24 Personal Trainers will tailor to your programme to your individual exercise and lifestyle needs.


Aaron is a Peak Performance Coach. Looking at nutrition, movement, mind-set and recovery strategies for optimal health and performance.

After working overseas for 15 years with a wide range of clients from Olympic athletes to CEO’s and weekend warriors, Aaron has come to Wanaka to take some of his own advice. Restoring a work life balance. Sessions with Aaron will be fun, varied and results driven.

For over 25 years I have had the honour and privilege of Personal Training hundreds of health club members. My passion is helping members achieve their goals.I divide my time between Personal Training, coaching Academy of Excellence athletes and in developing TRIBE Team Training® coaches worldwide.

If you have any questions or would like a quick chat to find out how you can achieve your goals, you can reach me by contacting the club or by email at



Hi! I'm Ming. I'm a Wanaka raised local and I am passionate about working

with locals. Whether it is full body toning, weight loss, muscle gain and/or

strength goals, I have the skills, knowledge and experience to get you


You can find me on the gym floor working as a Personal Trainer, upstairs

coaching TRIBE or teaching Les Mills classes.

No matter which style of training you enjoy, when you are working with me,

I will be fully focused on getting you fit and having a ton of fun doing so!

Whether you are new to training or an experienced exerciser, I bring a

powerhouse of fresh energy to inspire and bring out the best in your body.


Certificate Level III and IV in Fitness Personal Training

Certified TRIBE Coach

Certified Les Mills Instructor

Certified in First Aid

Since starting out in the fitness industry as the age of 17, I have tried to continually develop my knowledge and also my career. As well as being an instructor, trainer and coach, I have also trained and educated individuals in becoming fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers. My passion for personal training and coaching originates from my enjoyment and satisfaction of helping clients to achieve goals, exceed their potential and change their lives/lifestyle for the better and for their future. Working with a number of professional athletes from different sporting fields on specialised rehabilitation, nutritional and pre/post competition programmes has allowed me not only to immensely enjoy my continuing exercise and fitness journey, but to work with some amazing professionals



I believe in living in the 'flow state’, which means being able to live your life to the full without the hindrance of pain, lack of fitness or mobility.

I focus on specific training designed for individual needs, that is both functional and fun. I have 12 years experience as a personal trainer and have achieved great results with my client

I strongly believe in personal connection, high level of service and a commitment to achieving goals.