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TRIBE Team Training® is a cost effective way to achieve incredible results in a small team environment, with a dedicated coach to support you and your team mates.

TRIBE members will experience fun, belonging, control, support, reassurance and challenges all in a dynamic motivating environment that will respect their individuality so they can achieve more.

History has shown us that by working as a team we gain far greater results than when we work out on our own. TRIBE Team Training® is all about building our tribe, our team, and ourselves - there is a programme for everyone!

Join your tribe for 6 weeks, two or three times per week. Every 7th week we offer a FREE trial week so you can come along and try every program for FREE!

TribeCORE is designed to train the muscles around your pelvis, hips, back, shoulders and abdomen, starting from the deep torso muscles, leaving you with a slim waistline and firm strong abs. TribeCORE™ is the foundation of all training pathways incorporating mobility and stability training to ensure structural longevity and powerful pain free movement. TribeCORE™ Coaches will guide and support you every step of the way coaching and motivating you to new levels of core strength and stability season after season.

TribeFIT will make you functionally fit by combining high intensity athletic movements with functional strength exercises that will have you looking and feeling amazingly fit. Inspirational TribeFIT™ Coaches will be with you every step of the way coaching and motivating you to new levels of strength and fitness season after season.

TribeLIFE will make you functionally fit for whatever challenge life throws at you. It combines low impact movements with functional strength exercises as well as core and mobility exercises that will give you renewed energy to take on more of what life has to offer. Low impact functional exercise refers to exercise that is not strenuous on the joints. However TribeLIFE™ will ensure you maintain the correct intensity during workouts needed to decrease body fat, increase energy levels, achieve cardio vascular fitness and increase functional strength. Inspirational TribeLIFE™ Coaches will be with you every step of the way coaching and motivating you to new levels of health and fitness season after season.

TribeKIDS involves exercises that are fundamental to all things that kids need to do as their bodies grow – pull, push, run, jump, throw, climb and lift. TribeKIDS™ workouts incorporate athletic drills for coordination and agility, strength and stamina exercises as well as teamwork games and challenges. Dedicated TribeKIDS™ Coaches will motivate and coach our kids every step of the way encouraging our kids to new levels of fitness, strength and confidence season after season.

TribePUNCH is specifically designed to give you agility, strength, fitness and fighting skills creating a greater confidence within and a lean toned body. TribePUNCH™ guarantees to help you build power, endurance, and mental toughness ensuring fast measurable results. TribePUNCH™ Coaches will motivate and challenge you to new levels of strength, fitness and fighting skills season after season.


Jannette coaches TribeCORE™ and TribeLIFE™, using her knowledge and experience as a personal trainer combined with her enthusiasm for healthy living. She loves to help people step out of their comfort zone and try different things. It is so rewarding to see people achieving their goals.

Kyla has worked in the fitness industry for over 9 years and has recently joined the Team as a TribeLIFE and TribeCORE coach.

She enjoys seeing people succeed and realize goals that they never thought were achievable through hard work and determination. Her teams work hard, and with that, see great results.

Sue Richard has excelled in the fitness industry for over 20 years. Through her various roles as a Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Team Trainer and Club Manager she has inspired thousands of health club members towards incredible results. Sue is regarded internationally for her passion in developing and training personal trainers and it is in her role as the director of Training for TRIBE Team Training™ where she inspires TRIBE Coaches around the world to become the absolute best in what they do. At ProActive, she coaches TribeLIFE and leads her team members to achieve more than they ever thought possible!

Suzette has worked in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer since 2012, and is passionate about her clients’ wellbeing. She has experience working with clients of different ages and levels of fitness and recently completed her Sport and Exercise Science degree. Suzette welcomes the opportunity to work with any level of athlete, from beginners of all ages who want to become more comfortable and confident in the gym, through to those who have specific goals they would like to achieve.

She is friendly and personable with the drive and enthusiasm required to keep you inspired and on track while staying accountable to your goals. She will be available to offer consistent support and encouragement to have you feeling fantastic and get you where you need to be.

Suzette is a coach for TribeCORE, TribeLIFE, TribeFIT and TribeKIDS.

Pippa fell in love with TRIBE Team Training ever since she discovered it at PROACTIVE24. 

Her passion lies in getting people motivated and having fun whilst still achieving those important goals that each member has. 

Every session is filled with fun whilst still concentrating on perfecting technique and achieving amazing results!

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I have always been an active and outdoorsy person which is what drew me to New Zealand. I have always had a passion for staying active,  participating in bootcamps and Les Mills classes and then in 2014 I qualified to be a personal trainer. I am now so happy to be a personal trainer at Proactive24, also a Bodypump instructor and TRIBE coach. I find that my energy is best spent training, motivating and inspiring others to be the best versions of themselves and I absolutely look forward showing Wanaka what I have got.

My workouts with my clients are personalized based on their needs, goals and abilities. Usually they will include circuits, weight training and cardiovascular training. You can expect our sessions to be challenging but most importantly fun!

When you feel better about yourself everything else will fall into place! Please do not hesitate to come chat with me if you have any questions